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Paulene Lim
06 November 2011 @ 08:04 am
Short and long term goals combined!

1. See an actual tornado (Saw an ipo-ipo on 25 August 2015.)
2. Lava flow/volcano/eruption tour - Hawaii!
3. Schengen Visa (For a work-related travel in July 2015.)
4. Japanese-inspired house
5. Skydiving, cliff diving, bungee jumping, and the like (Was supposed to experience some of these in Bohol around August 2015 if I remember correctly, but plans changed.)
6. Treat family to an out of country trip
7. Build (and manage?) a bed and breakfast
8. Get tattooed by traditional way of tattooing (Met the wonderful Whang-Od and got three tattoos in January 2015)
9. Breed large dog breeds
10. Swim with dolphins / sharks / penguins / whales
11. Try acupuncture
12. Bike around any city/cities in Europe (Was so lucky enough to spend a day in Paris alone! Toured the city with a segway.)
13. Tour Southern US states
14. Adopt a child
15. Donate to a cause/foundation (Donated 12 inches of hair, among others, and even worked for one.)
16. Ride a camel
17. Ride an elephant
18. More and more family trips!
19. Africa. Enough said.
20. Buy my pudgy/maji cats a huge wonderful tree house
21. Treat parents to a bongga dinner for their 25th anniversary (Think I've been doing this from time to time anyway.)
22. Finish at least half of "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die"
23. Confidently wear a bikini = lose weight
24. Learn Japanese
25. Give parents my first wage
26. Volunteer to an animal welfare organization
27. Experience authentic wildlife (read: Africa again!)
28. See Borobudur, Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal, and the like (Saw Borobodur in November 2013.)
29. Bring parents to a Catholic/spiritual pilgrimage trip
30. Visit Ama's ancestral home
31. Visit 7 New/Natural/Ancient/Medieval Wonders of the World
32. Try and consistenly practice muay-thai or kickboxing
33. Earn a master's degree overseas
34. Work in a diverse international environment
35. Survive a 10-day water fast

Updated 24 December 2015
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